i am not against the concept of weekend late breakfast, which people of all freedoms & hues should enjoy

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This is a reminder that the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted 13 months and the Civil Rights Movement took over 10 years, so next time you want to tell us to “get over Ferguson”, “its been long enough” “You’re not making any difference” remember that.

[1/5] Thirty Seconds To Mars 
➥ Hollywood Bowl 2013 vs. 2014
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turnerandcasablancas asked: "OMG tell me everything!!!!! what did he say when u recognized him??? what was his reaction???? did cal get anything to eat????? were Juliet and Julian like happy ??? OMG I'm sorry. I'm so like...... idk right now why does this make me happy??? where do you work????"


HAHAHAHA I’m dying inside rn. Ok so I was cleaning tables and I saw him and thought “oh FUCK. That can’t be HIM.” But then I saw cal and Juliet and I FUCKING KNEW. I went up and asked him if he was in the strokes and he said yeah and so I told him about the letters alexis_carapetis sent him, and he said they were on his desk and he was still working through reading them OMFG. I kinda made him take this Lou Reed pin I was wearing and he thought it was sad I was just giving it away but I was like “TAKE MY SHIT JULIAN”. He gave me a high five and a hug (he is like 7 feet tall and his hands are HUGE HA) also when he looks at people his eyes accidentally seduce them so he was all “thanks for the milkshake” and I was like “WOAH THERE BUCKAROO I AM SEVENTEEN”. Also when he ordered the milkshake he wanted it in a non-clear cup to hide it from cal, and when I gave it to him he said “Ahhh yes secret milkshakessss” he is such a DAD. anyway I was tearing up a bit watching him and cal and Juliet eat bc he would pet calls head and play with this toy car he had. UGH I AM SET FOR LIFE. I hope I wrote enough for you (lol this is like an essay) and I’m so glad you messaged me because I love anyone who loves the strokes and I am freaking out


my soul is shaking, I hate this 

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hell ya october hell ya fall HELL NO IT IS 95 DEGREES IN CALIFORNIA